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Welcome to vpSim, an online virtual patient player, authoring and administration application for medical education, training and assessment.
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Lab for Educational Technology
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What is a virtual patient?
Virtual patients are computer simulations of clinical encounters where the learner plays the role of a healthcare provider by interacting with an on-screen patient. Typically this includes interviewing, examining, ordering diagnostic tests, making a diagnosis and prescribing therapy.

Who should use vpSim?
Medical educators can use vpSim to:
  • create branched-narrative cases that engage student learning through decision points that have consequences affecting the patient
  • design cases using a Flash-based graphical user interface
  • track student performance metrics such as cost, time spent, and quality of care
  • exchange and adapt cases from other institutions using the MedBiquitous Virtual Patient XML data standard

Virtual Patient Case Template (Word)
vpSim Authoring Guide (PDF)
Virtual Patient Authoring Best Practices (PDF)
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